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Lynx Airways Worldwide - Founded in 1992 by the Flight of the Hopper Crew (Geoff Bergey & George Zhen), and still going strong today... Keep em flyin'!

Links, Links, Links.

Everyone's got one. Here are a few that we've run across that we've found helpful in our endeavor. Perhaps you will as well...


Microsoft Corporation's FS2004 Site
FScene - Maker of the nice World Scenery textures featured in our screen shots

FScene Ground & Terrain Textures - Bring your FS world to life with these outstanding textures from Ruud Faber...

Flight1 Software - Makers of the Pilatus PC-12 flight model that the crew of The Hopper currently use

Allied FS Group - Makers of a nice, freeware version of the PC-12

General Flight Sim Information

AvSim - A great overall flight sim resource...

Fsim Cafe - Nice Multiplayer server used for part of the trip...

Simradar - Another great resource site

Breweries & Brewpubs

Sweetwater Brewing - Makers of the famous 420 Pale Ale & home to a traditional IPA

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery - Love it.

Unibroue - Makers of Trois Pistoles & Le Fin du Monde


Around The World with The Six Pack - Great cohorts in arms, traveling around the world in a similar fashion looking for great beers. Except, they are heading the wrong way! Visit them and check out their adventures....

FStv - A show on flight simulation... The guy lives around the block!

Virtual Emergency Response Team - A VA with search and rescue in mind...

Titanium Sheet - Titanium sheets in stock and available for immediate shipment.

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