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Beer Review:
Native Lager
Melbourne, FL, US
By: Geoff Bergey

April 22, 2005

(Jacksonville, FL) - If failure is the benchmark of success, Native Lager has a long way to go. GZ and I, both being native Floridians, set out on this great adventure from our home state, excited about the many brews that the Atlantic Seaboard had to offer us on our flight around the world via Europe. Our inaugural flight, with Key West Sunset Ale was a nice start. We had hoped our departure out of our home state would be full of good Florida memories and an excellent Florida brew. Our delusions of granduer were just that. After a quick cheers to the flight, it became evident that Native Lager was the unofficial beer of every dive bar in the state of Florida.

When the beer was opened, it smelled like the cat had crapped. The head performed as expected upon pouring, but it left much to be desired in the way of taste. We felt like contestants on Fear Factor, forced to drink a 6-pack of swill. I'm quite sure that the field where these hops were grown was destroyed by a Florida wildfire, as an acrid taint of ashes seemed to linger on the top of my tongue long after the beer glass was back on the table, which unfortunately was frequently during this flight.

The flight became a chore, the beer tasted like biker bar shyte, and we found ourselves getting very irate at the kind folks at Atlanta Center. Thankfully the flight from Jacksonville, FL to Atlanta, GA in the trusty Pilatus went by quickly.

Avoid this beer at all costs, as it truly scrapes the bottom of an oxidized barrel. I imagine this beer might go well with I-95 roadkill, pollution, alligator meat, possibly raccoon, armadillo or possum.

Beer Tasting Scorecard
Native Lager
Attribute Score
Head 1
Color 0
Taste 0
Flavor 0
Effect 0
Overall Score 0.2

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