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Beer Review:
Carlsberg Elephant Beer
Copenhagen, Denmark
By: George Zhen

November 18, 2005

(Copenhagen, Denmark) - There's this crazy number game. It's one of those that starts with someone picking a number between 1 and 10, multiplying it by 9, adding the resulting numbers together, subtracting 4 and some other stuff that I forget. Anyway, in this particular number game, the punch line is: "There are no Elephants in Denmark."

Though this may seem far from where a beer review should begin, it makes sense if you are reviewing Carlsberg Elephant Beer, a 7.2% lager from Denmark. We had previously reviewed Carlsberg's stock lager a few moons back when conquering Greenland, so while in Copenhagen we were surprised to find another offering from this storied brewery.

For legal reasons, Carlsberg Elephant is labeled as a malt liquor here in the states, but it really rings in as a lager with double the alcohol of the stock Carlsberg variety. The unmistakable skunk of lager greets one during the pour. The pour itself lacks any discernible characteristics, no foamy head or lacing to speak of. The color is a golden lager, nothing special or distinct.

AS for the taste, it is as if they took the same old, flavorless Carlsberg and stuffed it full of alcohol. It doesn't mask its intent very well either, as the most prevalent character in the taste is the alcohol. After a few, the taste kind of calibrates itself and the alcohol fades into the uncharacteristic flavor mask that is Carlsberg.

The effect is there, which is probably the only thing that keeps this beer from falling into the wastebin of lagers. After a few, the drinker will feel a considerable buzz. The day after, however, is another story. In the case of this reviewer, a mind-numbing headache was there the morning after.

Apparently, there's another elephant in Denmark. It is in the form of a huge, wooden elephant that dispenses beer in a Copenhagen bar. Pull on a tusk, and beer comes out. Hopefully, for the tourists and others there, this beer isn't Carlsberg Elephant. If it is, here's to wishing that the number puzzle's punch line was indeed true.

Beer Tasting Scorecard
Carlsberg Elephant Beer
Attribute Score
Head 2
Color 2
Taste 2
Flavor 1
Effect 3
Overall Score 2.0

For more information on Carlsberg Elephant Beer, visit their website at

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