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Beer Review:
Munich, Germany
By: George Zhen

November 11, 2005

(Munich, Germany) - Salvator is a fine doppelbock brewed in Germany that graced us during our Hoptoberfest adventure. Once upon a time, nothing so dark would pass my lips, but as is the case with this journey of ours, what was once out of the question is now not only accepted, but embraced.

A dopplebock (or Double Bock) is a dark beer that is double brewed. Colors range from dark amber to pitch and are usually flavored with dark fruits and lots and lots of malt. These flavors also help to mask to higher alcohol content that doppelbocks carry. One can find lots of German varieties, which is kind of how I came to try Salvator. See, I really hate lagers. I find them stinky and they almost immediately give me a headache. Not a good thing when in Germany, since lagers are very popular there. Enter the dopplebock as an option and I leave enlightened and very, very satisfied!

Salvator pours with a rich thickness and a nice tan head, which doesn't hang around for too long. The color is a mesmerizing dark amber that tricks the little slivers of light that attempt to pierce it. A very respectable, long-lasting lacing remains in the glass as this beer is consumed.

The smell of this beer is complex and fruity dark, with lots of raisin and apple framing the ample malt presence. Of all the potent characteristics Salvator possesses, its smell is its brewing triumph! The taste isn't too far behind, offering a complexity punctuated with hop notes that finish the experience off nicely. Perhaps an ale or pilsner drinker will have to drink a few sips to become aquainted with Salvator, but after one is done, another will surely follow.

At 7.5% ABV, Salvator gets the job done quite efficiently, especially if one is not ready for such a heavy punch. Perhaps one of the good points of such a heavy beer is that one can't consume too many before feeling like a meal can be skipped.

So, add the doppelbock in there with the porter as a new, fascinating beer type that we can enjoy. I am anxious to try a few more dark beers which will hopefully follow in the well-laid footpath made by Salvator.

Beer Tasting Scorecard
Attribute Score
Head 3
Color 4
Taste 4
Flavor 4
Effect 4
Overall Score 3.8

For more information on Salvator, visit their website at

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