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Beer Review:
Fuller's London Pride
London, England
By: George Zhen

September 28, 2005

(London, England) - At long last, we've landed in London and are getting our first taste of English brew. Chronicled in song and tale, the brew from this region is engrained into the fabric of the culture, and naturally we're excited to experience this wonder for ourselves.

The problem, if one can call it that, is that there are so many brews to choose from, and a limited amount of time on our end. For this reason, we've packed The Hopper full of a pub's worth of offerings so we can dabble into them as we travel to regions of the world where local beers can not be procured. Think of the African legs of our journey! We'll be reliving colonializm there for sure. So, please excuse us if a favorite representative isn't chronicled here - we'll get to plenty of English beers as the months progress.

Seeing that we were in London, Fuller's London Pride seemed to be the logical choice for this stop. A bit pricey, but most of the beers we have reviewed are premium in this department, so for us there is no sticker shock. It comes in a 6-pack of 12 ounce bottles here stateside which will run you about $11. Tell that to your Bud-swigging friends and watch the expression on their face. In this case, the tasting experience is worth the investment.

London Pride is a pale ale which pours as a rich, golden brown liquid with a striking, confident head. The foam is left behind to tickle the sides of the glass as you drink - nearly perfect in that respect. The aroma is a fairly complex mix of caramel and English hops which beckon the drinker forth. All good marks here, about as good as it can get while still in the glass.

The taste is a wonderful balance with up front malts leading the way to a uplifting hop finish, but nothing too obnoxious to the senses. The caramel flavor does nothing to inhibit the bitterness of this bold brew. A very nice mix that is as satisifying as it gets.

Effect? Well, here is where it falls a little short, but just a little. At 4.7% ABV, London Pride is pretty weak when compaired with it's high-priced shelf mates. Although the taste is spot-on, the effect can't warrent an investment of this magnitude if supplying for a party, for instance.

So, that's our first taste of London, and a pretty fair one at that. Can't wait to try some more!

Beer Tasting Scorecard
Fuller's London Pride
Attribute Score
Head 5
Color 4
Taste 4
Flavor 4
Effect 2
Overall Score 3.8

For more information on Fuller's London Pride, visit their website at

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