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This website is for entertainment purposes only. The nature of its content is whimsical and should not be construed as an endorsement of flying, driving or otherwise operating motor-vehicles while impaired by alcohol. Alcoholic consumption is a very serious undertaking, and it should only be done by those of legal age and should never involve piloting real world aircraft. It is unwise for any real person to jump into a real airplane and attempt to operate its controlls after even a drop of alcohol has passed his or her lips. Even looking at a beer, or reading its label, may in fact provide enough of a distraction to jeopardize the safety of real people in the real world. The makers of this website strongly urge real people in the real world to obey any and all laws regarding the consumption of alcohol, beers, wines, ciders and meads. The makers of this website also urge all real people in the real world to understand that real world flying is a serious business and the professionals involved are in no way reflected in the whimsical nature of this website. The trademarks displayed on this website are displayed without permission. This site is not endorsed by anyone in particular, including but not limited to Microsoft, Intel, Disney, Pixar, Thrustmaster, Pilatus Aircraft Company, Allied FlightSim Group, and any of the brewing companies or other products listed. Get your own beer.

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