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Beer Review:
Sinebrychoff Porter
Kerava, Finland
By: George Zhen

October 13, 2005

(Helsinki, Finland) - So I found this great beer store in Clearwater, FL whilst on vacation. A little nook in the wall called World of Beer that carries over 725 different beers from around the globe and also has, most importantly, a very knowledgeable owner. After explaining our little project to him (no small task, mind you - this is, afterall, a strange hobby), he pointed me in the direction of a Baltic porter called Sinebrychoff Porter for the purposes of covering our Finnish needs.

Astute observers of our reviews will notice that we're not very well versed in darker beers. Most of my experiences in the realm are courtesy of Guinness, which is probably not the best place to begin ventures into darker brews. Bitter sludge as far as this reviewer is concerned. But Sinebrychoff has changed my opinion regarding the variety and readers can expect more respect given to this strain of brewing in the months to come.

Opening this bottle reveals an aroma that is distinctly different from the ales and lagers that we're accustomed to. Rich mocha with a hint of dark fruit. It pours nicely to form a respectable tanish head that leaves some nice traces on the sides of the glass while consumed. The color? Dark, but a tinge of purple is there as well, a subtle indigo formed by the presence of dark fruits like raisins and plums.

The taste is a complex one, to be sure. Baltic hops balance well with the fruits to create a fine mask for the alcohol. Traces of something bitter and chocolatey make their presence known as well, with a snappy finishing note of hoppy mocha resonating for a few seconds. This diminishes as the drinker drains the first glass, but there is little doubt that this is a darker beer, and a complex, spicy one at that.

At 7.2% ABV, this is a real beer in terms of effect. Being darker, this drinker was more paced than perhaps is normal, but a very drinkable beer treat that any beer lover will appreciate. No hangover either, and there was a nice buzz present at the evening's end.

Sinebrychoff Porter simply erased my concerns about dark beers. I am in on the exploration now, but I don't think I'm quite up for stouts as of yet. This beer set a nice baseline for future porters, a standard that they'll be lucky to match.

Beer Tasting Scorecard
Sinebrychoff Porter
Attribute Score
Head 3
Color 4
Taste 4
Flavor 4
Effect 4
Overall Score 3.8

For more information on Sinebrychoff, visit their website at

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