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Geoff Bergey (Captain/Pilot) is the Founder and former President/CEO of Lynx Airways, the first Virtual Airline for Microsoft Flight Simulator originally formed as Comair in 1991. As a simulator enthusiast, he has logged over 1000 hours in various versions of MSFS dating back to FS4. After retiring from the VA world in the early 90's, Geoff has worked in information technologies and multimedia while still casually keeping up to date with the goings on in the sim world. The Flight of The Hopper is his return to the hobby of his youth.

George Zhen (Navigator) is also a former member of Lynx Airways, serving as VP from 1992-1995. He has logged over 1000 hours in various incarnations of MSFS over the years before retiring from the VA community to spend more time in racing sims. In the real world, George works in the music business in South Florida, and also has worked in web development and multimedia. In 2002, he lost a significant part of his vision, so the irony of his return to flight sim is that he will do so in the capacity of a navigator.

George enjoys the flavor of many beers, particularly Belgian and pale ales and can be coaxed into a porter if the moon is in phase. He is most excited that his local Ale House now has Anchorsteam on tap and can't wait to reach Milton, DE.


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