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Beer Review:
La Fin Du Monde
Montreal, QB, CA
By: George Zhen

May 25, 2005

(Port Hope Simpson, NL, CA) - La Fin du Monde is the final selection in our trifecta of Canadian beers from Unibroue, and seeing that our journey is taking us across the Labrador Sea to Greenland, it is fitting. Afterall, La Fin du Monde translates into "The End of The World."

Much like Maudite and Trois Pistoles, La Fin du Monde comes in a four-pack and possesses a rather high alcohol content, brimming this time at 9% ABV. The first shock came when I gave this beer a moderately controlled pour - whoa! A vulcanite head crests and before I know it, I am scrambling for paper towels. The head is foamy, creamy and boy does it grow! Even the most delicate pour, and I mean del-i-cate, produces a rather formidable foam, so thick that it could probably support a cherry. You could top an ice cream sundae with this head. Though this isn't a big problem once you've calibrated your pouring technique, it does test the patience of the drinker, because after you taste this dandy little brew, you won't want to wait for the head to subside before drinking it up.

Color is a moderately opaque yellow, fairly unremarkable in terms of luster. But all of these bothersome characteristics are quickly cast aside once you drink in the flavor of this beer. A great balance of malt, hop and spice make this the most enjoyably balanced beer in the Unibroue stable. It shares much of the Belgian character of Trois and Maudite, but it's flavor and taste make it a far superior brew.

It's in a large part due to this great flavor that the affect of this brew is amplified, simply because you'll want to drink more of it. We blasted through a four-pack each, and the altitude reached bordered on the stratospheric. The day after was a bit troublesome, however, with a mild hangover greeting us in the morning. This has probably more to do with the amount of alcohol involved rather than a beer trait. Keep to a couple (rather than four), and you'll be fine.

As we leave Canada behind us, we'll bring with us some fine brewing memories. Fittingly, we saved the best for the end of the world as we know it, and we feel fine.

Beer Tasting Scorecard
La Fin du Monde
Attribute Score
Head 2
Color 3
Taste 5
Flavor 5
Effect 5
Overall Score 4.0

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