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Beer Review:
Trois Pistoles
Montreal, QB, CA
By: George Zhen

May 12, 2005

(Montreal, QB, CA) - Unibroue Incorporated of Quebec, Canada, has a number of potent beers in it's arsenal, including Trois Pistoles, a malty, high- alcohol example of Belgian tradition. We found a four-pack at the local supplier and were eager to sample this brew and measure it's components.

The first thing you notice about this beer is it's high-alcohol content, a hefty 9% ABV. Open the bottle, and that potency immediately cuts through the fruity aroma, warning you to take measure while simultaneously explaining why it comes four to a pack instead of six. Pour a glass and watch the head perform nicely, leaving behind nice foam traces along the sides as you drink. The color is dark and warm, with some light making it through unveiling a tinge of dusk. But the point of this beer is still in the empty bottle. Sniff it and you will smell what your nose will register as a mixed drink, not a beer.

Fruity and malty, this beer is a sipping beer, by my account. As you progress, you will notice a strong aftertaste of said fruit and the warmth of alcohol in your belly. This flavor is hit or miss, depending on individual taste and mood. Through it all, the alcohol wins, and by the second beer there is no more debate left in the drinker - this beer is just fine, thank you very much!

I could not bring myself to fully enjoy this beer experience, though, because the next day was still filled with a strong aftertaste. The fruity potency is distinct enough to last a very long time, and if you have a bit of a hangover (as this reviewer did), it is no pleasant memory. Perhaps another way to approach this beer would be to warm up with another, less potent variety and work your way up to this fruity bomblast.

All in all, I would warn the potential Trois Pistoles drinker thusly: Beware - this beer is really not a beer, but rather a real drink in disguise.

Beer Tasting Scorecard
Trois Pistoles
Attribute Score
Head 4
Color 3
Taste 3
Flavor 2
Effect 4
Overall Score 3.2

For more information on Trois Pistoles, visit their website at

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