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Beer Review:
Indica IPA
Eureka, California, USA
By: George Zhen

October 1, 2005

(Note: As per our Mission Statement, there are a few caveats regarding the beers we can review when there are no native beers available, We could not find any beers to represent Norway at our local supplier, so we have instead reviewed a beer from a country we have previously visited.)

(Stockholm, Sweden) - Such a pretty label, I thought. I mean, I can hardly see anything, but that label is spot-on mad! An IPA - ok, I'm in the mood. Eureka, California, huh? Ok, I would expect something on the west coast with this design. My beer guy recommends it highly. Tells me some story about giving this beer to a couple of straight girls at a Ani DeFranco concert. Hmmm. Straight girls at an Ani show? Another story...

So, it's an off night flying-wise, meaning that we're flying in a region where no local beer representative can be found. Our rules are that we can in that case drink whatever we want from any country we've been to before. Perfect - Indica IPA from Lost Coast Breweries it is.

Pop the cap and pour it into one of those fancy glasses and watch the most amazing head I've ever seen. Really - this is perfection! Foamy, rich, height and a trace film left on the glass all the way through. I mean, ALL THE WAY! That sets a standard that we'll be referring to from this point forward. "Did it pour like Indica?" "No, not quite!" Color is a murky gold with some artifacting when held to the light. As beautiful as an IPA can get in the glass.

Smell the hops? I can still smell them, but it shouldn't scare you. This is no nasty Arrogant Bastard or intense Avery IPA with so much hoppage that it is undrinkable. Sure, it has a bitter bite, but not so much that a pilsner guy or gal can't appreciate it. The finish is complex and lasting, working up the nose with a reminding bite that demands another sip soon after the crescendo fades.

At 6% ABV, this IPA isn't as strong as some other infamous IPAs, but you'll do fine unless you're an absolute alcoholic. There is a price the morning after, with a mild hangover awaiting the sunrise. Some prophylactic Advil before nighty-night, and you'll be set.

So, here's the kicker about this beer, boys - it's a chick beer! No, No, I don't mean it's fruity and impotent like a wine cooler - I mean it's brewed by two women, Wendy Pound and Barbara Groom, founders of the Lost Coast Brewery. I'll be careful not to be sexist, but I don't think there are too many women brewing beer. If this is an example of what the industry is missing, then it's everybody's loss. Great stuff, girls - Your product gets some of our highest marks...

Beer Tasting Scorecard
Indica IPA
Attribute Score
Head 5
Color 4
Taste 5
Flavor 4
Effect 5
Overall Score 4.6

For more information on Lost Coast's Indica IPA, visit their website at

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