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Beer Review:
Estrella Galicia
La Coruna, Spain
By: George Zhen

August 11, 2005

(Barcelona, Spain) - We've pretty much been down this road before. We've already had the unfortunate experience that is Florida-brewed Native Lager - truly the worst beer ever consumed. Seems that Spanish landmark Estrella Galicia, native of Barcelona, desperately wants to steal the honor of "Worst Beer In The World" from it's transatlantic rival.

Again, a lager that plain old stinks. Really stinks. Crack the bottle and be ready to tell the surrounding partiers that it wasn't you. Perhaps the name translates to "Estrella Poots". Pour this swill and look at the bland color and average head performance. Take a sip and make that nasty face. It's just a plain old torturous experience that no one outside of prison should have to endure.

In a double-blind taste test between Estrella and the scrapings of the septic tank, one would be challenged to taste the difference.
Will it give you a buzz? We don't know. We couldn't make it through more than two of these chilled swills. In fact, in an act never before executed during the Flight of The Hopper project, the writer actually dumped his second one out into the sink. He regrets this and will never do it again. Next time, he will make sure it finds its way into the toilet where it belongs.

So, the burning question is whether Estrella Galicia is worse than Native Lager. Wow. Pretty close competition there. When our journey is complete, we will taste-test these two beers along with any other unfortunate zero-point scored beers and determine a winner, er, loser. Until then, consider them comparable wastes of fridge space.

Beer Tasting Scorecard
Estrella Galicia
Attribute Score
Head 0
Color 0
Taste 0
Flavor 0
Effect 0
Overall Score 0.0

For more information on Estrella Galicia, visit their website at

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