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Beer Review:
Newcastle Brown Ale
Newcastle, England
By: Geoff Bergey

October 13, 2005

(Newcastle, England) - 5 years ago, you had to scour the city for a six pack; and would be lucky to find it on tap. Times have changed and Newcastle Brown Ale seems to have penetrated the market nicely which means its a helluva lot easier to enjoy a Newki Brown these days. However, along with the fact that it is more accessible means many other beers are too, and our round the world trip has taken this beer from a once highly rated beer, to now something that its just average.

Newcastle has a slightly sweet taste and a dark amber color that pours with a minimal head and weighs in at a decent but not overpowering 4.7% ABV, complimented by a mild, smooth, crisp finish that gently tickles the side of the tongue. The head dissipates quickly to an almost flat top, with very little residue on the side of the glass.

As an inexperienced beer drinker I would have rated this beer much higher back in the day, but having experienced a wider selection of beers over the last 6 months and becoming more educated it becomes clear that in a crowd, Newcastle doesn't stand out as much as it once did. Still, Newcastle has some sentimental value with me as it really opened my mind and got me out of the strict Corona mindset and on to other beers; so for me it was a gateway beer.

Even with my 2.6 rating, this is still a respectable beer; and when compared side by side with what is available in many standard grocery stores, Newcastle truly is much higher on the beer totem pole.

Beer Tasting Scorecard
Newcastle Brown Ale
Attribute Score
Head 1
Color 3
Taste 3
Flavor 3
Effect 3
Overall Score 2.6

For more information on Newcastle Brown Ale, visit their website at

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