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Beer Review:
Key West Sunset Ale
Key West, FL, US
By: George Zhen

April 14, 2005

(Key West, FL) - I nearly had a headache before I even tried this brew. I had tried it once before, and I wasn't too impressed. But, with a foundation of homecooked Cuban food, this brew seemed like the logical choice, especially since it is one of the few local brews from South Florida.

The head performs admirably if poured right, losing half its height in about a minute. Colored a sort of sunset amber, the ale itself shimmers with a few bubbles. Taste is mildly hoppy at first, with a caramelized affect on the tastebuds as you reach the bottom of the glass.

If I were throwing a party with a tropical theme, I would probably use this beer. It does go well with the regional specialties, and I imagine it would work well with grilled chicken. Alone, there is nothing magnificent about this beer. It's character is lacking any distinguishing flavor of note. And while the beer we sampled had no defects to speak of, one could imagine that there is a thin line between a good batch and a bad one.

This time, no headache. I'd drink this beer again.

Beer Tasting Scorecard
Key West Sunset Ale
Attribute Score
Head 3
Color 3
Taste 2
Flavor 2
Effect 3
Overall Score 2.6

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